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The rorkish (sometimes called magadanish) is a constructed language (or conlang) which we created with our friend E. Decaux since 2015. For the needs of the immersion, hence we will write as if this tongue and their speakers do exist.

The rorkish (from арурк/arork: tongue) is a language which is spoken by the eponym people in the extreme-east part of Russia on the sea of Okhotsk’s banks. When Homo sapiens crossed the Bering Strait, the first inhabitants of this region settled near the current town of Magadan in Russia. Their Russian name comes from it (Magadansky).

Then the Rorks or “Katamak” (literally: WeHuman) expanded all around this sea, from the Kamchatka peninsula to the Kuril Islands (north of Japan) and even Alaska. Although refined and enlightened, they didn’t write their tongue, even when they became semi-nomadic during the 18th century, they didn’t use a script except to write the name of their God. The religion will be the subject of a next article but for now, remember that they had to read only this word.

The Magadanish had a maritime culture, organized around three mainly urban centre (Magadan in the north, Dolinsk in the south-west and Ichinski in the east). This organisation of the society continued to 1940 when, because of the war, they had to settle finally in three places and  adopt the Cyrillic script.


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